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"how do you make your posts show up on the typewriter paper? I installed the template, and it's not showing up like it does on your blog."

I don’t know! I just installed the theme and it worked. :/



I have 60 pending submissions and I don’t need any more! Posting will resume in a few weeks, hopefully.


"Hi, I'm just wondering... Are you guys going to start posting reasons any time soon? It was 7 months since you last posted one."

I’m terribly sorry! I’ve been super busy with school and unable to make reasons because my computer SUCKED and the program I used wasn’t working anymore. But I just got a new computer today and I will be getting Photoshop in the near future! Hopefully then I’ll be posting!

- Rachel

The Writer That Type v0.5 Theme


This is the theme that I use! Several people have asked me about it, so here ya go! (:

- Rachel

"Did you ever find the link for your theme?"

Hold on, I think I did! I’ll post it in a sec!

"I love your blog layout :) ahhh <3 it's so cute! hehe"

Haha, thanks!

"Hi. I just want to thank you for running this blog and keeping people inspired. =))"

Thank YOU for the lovely message!

Hemingway's Playpen: Please come be a part of the second issue!



The place to send your submissions will be our new account over atSubmittable. This means: please do not submit your work via email. You may still email us if you have questions, but submit your writing through Submittable.

Here are the basic guidelines for each genre:



SIGNAL BOOST to Hemingway’s Playpen, a lit magazine here on Tumblr! Go submit your writing and help Issue 2 succeed!

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"This blog is really wonderful. I find it very helpful and encouraging :))"

Thank you so much! I’m working on posting again soon.


trying to prove a point to a friend, please reblog




reblog this if you know that:

rape is about power, not sex

rape is “the penetration, no matter how slight, of the vagina or anus with any body part or object, or oral penetration by a sex organ of another person, without the consent of the victim.” (the definition given by the FBI)

rape by fingering is rape

rape in the anus is rape

rape in the mouth is rape

rape is the fault of the rapist

rape is never the fault of the victim

rape is never asked for and no one is ever asking for it

rape victims are men

rape victims are women

rape victims are transmen

rape victims are transwomen

rape victims are straight

rape victims are gay

rape victims are bi

rape victims are queer

rape victims are white

rape victims are black

rape victims are asian

rape victims are hispanic

rape victims are middle eastern

rape victims are indian

rape victims are aboriginals and natives

rape is the absence of consent

rape is not when the victim fails to say know, its when the victim doesn’t say yes

rape happens in alleys

rape happens at parties

rape happens at homes

rape happens on dates

rape is everywhere, and we live in a culture that lets you defend the rapists and blame the victims.

please reblog guys. this is super important.

I don’t usually reblog things like this to this blog, but PLEASE reblog this. My friend is trying to get all the help she can get with this. Thanks in advance guys.

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